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MyTrigger 1.7

MyTrigger 1.7

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MyTrigger Publisher's Description

MyTrigger can launch arbitrary programs when specific system events occur on your computer. You tell MyTrigger what system events to watch by creating triggers that defines what event to listen for and what action to take when they occur. You can let MyTrigger montor files, services, programs, the event log and even WLAN connections. Use MyTrigger to automate tasks you repeat often but isn't possbible to start with a traditional schedule.
MyTrigger can also launch windows built in Scheduled Tasks, so it takes advantage of the rich possibilities that they offer to control how a program or script is run including what security context the program will run in, what working folder to use etc.
One of our favorite use cases for MyTrigger is to have it help us keep our laptops safe. When a laptop leaves our office WLAN network, we turn off any running web servers and other windows services that really shouldn’t be running when the computer is outside our firewall. When the computer later reconnects to the office WLAN, we can turn those services back on as well as launch anti virus and anti spy ware tools. Since controlling services is something that needs administrative privileges, the scripts needed to accomplish this runs from a Windows Scheduled Task object that an administrator created.

What's New in Version 1.7 of MyTrigger

Support Samba folders, Can be configured to run as a service, bugfixes on Windows 2000 Event log handling, more folder trigger options, better built in help.

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